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KIRA lighting accessories for explosion-proof lights and standard LED hand lights and tube lights.

Accessories for ATEX lights (ex-proof lamps)


ATEX Transformers, ex-proof Transformers

Fastening clips & permanent magnets, explosion-proofSuspension devices for ex-proof lamps

Stainless-stell stand für ex-proof lamps

Tripod for ex-proof lamps

Protecive film antistatic for ex-proof lamps

EX trolly- mobile lighting solution for ex-proof lamps


Standard accessories for LED lamps


SELV transformers

Permanent magnets für LED lamps

Fixing clamps / mouting brackets for LED lamps

Metal stand für KIRA LED tube luminaires


We carry an extensive range of accessories for our standard lights as well as EX lights

  • Transformers / SELV transformers - with and without explosion protection
  • Plugs and couplings - with and without EX protection
  • Fastening clips and permanent magnets
  • Hanging devices
  • Stands and tripods
  • Protective films for tubular lights, machine lights and hand lights