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  • LED Leuchten
  • Leuchten für Sicherheitskleinspannungen
  • EX-geschützte Leuchten
  • Akku-Handscheinwerfer
  • Magnethaftleuchten
  • Ein- / Anbauleuchten
  • Maschinenleuchten
  • Akku Handscheinwerfer

Catalog content:

  • LED lamps
  • Lamps for safety low voltage
  • Explosion-proof Lamps
  • Hand lamps
  • Magnetic adhesion lamps
  • Built-In & surface mounted lamps
  • Machine lamps
  • Rechargeable battery lamps

Please note:
B2B: We only supply customers who engage in a legal transaction in the course of their commercial or independent professional activity, as well as public institutions.
Changes and technical changes are subject to change without prior notice, errors and literal mistakes are excepted. This is all due to our general terms of delivery and terms of sales (visible and downloadable at www.kira-leuchten.de/agb) The duplication or reprint (also in extracts) of the catalogue, respectively the usage of the graphical material requires the explicit written permission of KIRA Leuchten GmbH.