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EX Trolly - ex-protected lighting trolley

Mobile lighting solution for the ex-protected area. The mobile EX-Trolly is equipped with
three ex-protected LED tube luminaires (alternatively 2x 6855 / 55w fluorescent lamp) and
ensures maximum light output in environments where security
with regard to explosion protection. Due to the feet and the 20m long supply cable
the trolley can be positioned in a wide workspace in different positions. 
(also availabel with voltage 110 volt and 24 volt)


Description Art.-No.
EX-Trolley LED 5024 / 230V - Set

Set consisting of
1x Ex-proof lighting trolley
3x EX-.proof lamp KE-LED-EX 5024
Illuminant: 24x POWER LEDs (per lamp)
Power: 14,5W (per lamp)
Real lumen: ca. 4650 (ca. 1550 per lamp)
Voltage 230V (also available 110 volt and 24 volt)
Protection category: IP68 -50m/5h
ATEXK Identification:
EX II 2 G Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb
EX II 2 D Ex tb op is IIIC T105° Db IP68
Tool group: II
Category: 2G und 2D
for: Zone 1 and 2, 21 und 22
Temperature class T4
Weight: approx. 14kg

KIRA EX-Trolley / mobile light solution for EX zones