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Complete-Sets for EX-Areas

Tailor-made lighting solutions for applications in explosion-proof areas.


EX protected lighting complete set with EX transformer
EX lighting set 
consisting of: 2x SAFEBOY Ultra 1 LED spotlight  24V, 2x KE-LED-EX 5024/24V hand lamp, 1x ATEX Trafo 400VA 24V, inkl. EX-plug
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EX protected lighting complete set with trafo
LED-EX 24-06 TR
EX hand lamp set 
consisting of: 2x KE-LED-EX 5024/24V hand lamp, 2x KE-LED-EX 4006/24V hand lamp, 1x Trafo 250VA 24V.
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EX protected lighting complete set - floodlight with tripod
EX lighting set 
consisting of:1x SAFEBOY Ultra 1 LED, 1x tripod, 2x KE-LED-EX 4006/24V hand lamp, 1x ATEX-Trafo 400VA 24V incl. EX-plug
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explosion-proof lighting trolley
TROLLEY 5024-230
EX-lighting trolley 
consosting of:1x EX trolley made out of aluminium, 3x KE-LED-EX 5024 tube luminaire and 20m cable without plug.
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Complete-sets for standard using

Lighting solutions for different trades and work areas.
LED work lights set - 4 round-beam LED work lights with base
Trio 5054-STA
360° LED lighting set 
consisting of: 3x KE-EA 5045/230-M inkl. 1x metal stand, ideal for 360° room illumination in the painting industry.
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Lift lights set - 4 LED tube lights with attachment for vehicle lifts and vehicle pits
HB-4030 Set
car lift lighting set 
consisting of: 4x KE-LED-EA 4030 / 230V incl fixing clamps. Excellent as a lift lighting in the automotive sector.
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LED hand lights set - professional LED hand lights 24 volts with transformer 230 volts - 24 volts
LED 10-06 TRA
LED hand lamp set 24V 
consisting of:2x KE-LED 4010-P/24V, 2x KE-LED 3006/24V, 1x Trafo 250VA 24V. Ideal for tank and silo cleaning work.. 
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LED hand lamp set - waterproof - with transformer
LED 10-24 TRA-IP68
LED-IP68 hand lamp set 24V 
consisting of:1x KE-LED 3010 / 24V IP68, 1x KE-LED 5024 / 24V IP68, 1x Trafo 160VA 24V. lighting solution with IP68.
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