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For over 70 years the name KIRA has stood for the highest quality in the area of technical luminaires for industry and commerce.

All from one hand...
...from ballast to the finished lamp!


The development and production of our luminaires takes place exclusively at our location in Gottmadingen.
This ensures flexible and short delivery times

Made in Germany

We work according to the quality standards of the standard DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and the ATEX directive 94/9 / EC. Structured work processes and compliance with testing and safety requirements within our production guarantees the high quality of our luminaires.

LED luminaires and EX-proof lumnaires

made in Germany | KIRA Leuchten GmbH

Your satisfaction is our incentive.

Our company was founded in 1949. Today it is a company with a high level of know-how and is known in professional circles at home and abroad as a reliable partner. Since November 2002 our company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Ex protection guidelines 2014/34/EU. We cover the entire range from material procurement to assembly and soldering to quality assurance. We know that lasting success is only guaranteed by continuous development, high quality standards and customer proximity.

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KIRA Leuchten - Our B2B onlineshop KIRA B2B Online shop

KIRA B2B onlineshop

The new B2B online shop for commercial end customers. With us you will find a large selection of LED work lights. www.kira-shop.de
KIRA Leuchten - LED lighting catalog 2022 / 2023 KIRA Leuchten - lighting catalog

KIRA catalogue 2022 / 2023

Available now. The KIRA lighting catalogue 2022/2023. Simply request via our contact form.
KIRA LED hand lamps - IP68 waterproof Waterproof LED hand lamps - KIRA Leuchten

IP68 hand lamps

Thanks to the IP68 protection class, the lighhts are ideal for tank and barrel cleaning work.



KIRA Leuchten - ATEX Service KIRA Leuchten - ATEX Service

ATEX luminaires service

Use our ATEX service to check and maintain KIRA ATEX luminaires. - Contact us.
KIRA Leuchten product filter KIRA Leuchten product filter

Lights-product filter

Quickly and easily find the right lamp - with the KIRA product filter.
KIRA Leuchten GmbH - test us KIRA Leuchten - test us

Try it now

Test our lamps under real conditions. For this we offer test products for a specific selection of our lamps.

Aplication area

Find out more about the application areas of our luminaires
LED lights for the tanker industry and special vehicles
Vehicle construction LED solutions in 12 Volt & 24 Volt Our ATEX LED luminaires are ideal for illuminating the working area inside the dispensing faucet of tank trucks.
LED machine lights and tube lights for industrial machines
Plant construction Modular LED machine lamps The perfect lighting for every machine and system. Different lamp versions in the same design.
LED hand lights and hand lamps for the workshop
Workshop Hand lamps for daily use Whether automotive workshop or inspection work in the industry. With us you will find the right lighting for your work.
LED lights / battery-powered hand lamps for rescue services
Rescue LED battery and hand lamps Accu and battery lamps for every use. Whether as an emergency or reliable work light in hazardous areas.

About us

KIRA Leuchten GmbH - LED lights for industry and trade

We are specialized in the production of technical lamps. Whether mobile luminaires, tube lights for machine and vehicle construction, emergency luminaires for hazardous areas or cordless lights as portable solutions for inspections and rescue services. With us you get the right solution for your requirements.

More Information

Light Lexicon

What are LEDs?

A:The abbreviation LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes - are electronic semiconductor components, which deliver light in the colors red, green, yellow or blue under tension. The advantages of the LEDs are long life, maintenance-free, IR / UV freedom of light, low energy consumption, color stability and resistance to shocks.

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon.

What means Candela?

A:The light intensity (abbreviation: I) is the part of the luminous flux that radiates in a certain direction. It is measured in candela (cd). The spatial distribution of light intensity characterizes the light emission of luminaires and reflector lamps. The luminous intensity distribution is shown graphically in the form of curves, the luminous intensity distribution curves - see light intensity distribution.

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon.

What does "Lux" mean?

A:Illuminance indicates how much light is projected onto a specific area. The unit of measure is given in lux. A lux results when a lumen (luminous flux) evenly illuminates an area of one square meter. To determine the illuminance, a lux meter is needed.

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon.

What are Ex-lamps?

A:ATEX and EX luminaires are equipment approved for areas of the gas EX and dust EX zones according to the ATEX directive 2014/35 / EU. For which ATEX areas the respective equipment can be used, the ATEX marking shows which is mounted on the equipment.

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon.

What is a diffuser film?

A:A diffuser film is a light-diffusing / light-distributing PVC film optimized for use with LED lamps. It ensures homogeneous scattering of the point light of LEDs.

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon.

You ask, we answer!

You will find interesting facts and information about light in our light lexicon. Lexicon

Our location

Our production and sales location is located in the south of Germany close to the Swiss border.
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Since 1949

Know-how, experience and reliability!

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