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EX suspension devices


Suspension devices for mobile use of our explosion-proof luminaires of the KE-EX 68xx series.
An easy, fast and safe attachment or use of the lights for temporary, mobile work assignments.


AK-EX chain hang up
consisting of 2x permanent magnet, fully rubberized, 2x VA knot chain 600mm and snap hooks incl. clip with claw clasp.

AH-EX duo hook
consisting of 2x movable suspension hooks made of VA steel, plastic-coated, incl. luminaire mounting rings made of aluminum.

AS-EX silo hang up
ideal as additional strain relief, for the inlet of the luminaire in silos, tank containers etc.

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Type Article Art.-No.
AK-EX Chain hang upAK-EX 291385
AH-EX Suspension hook AH-EX 291386
AS-EX Silo hang up AS-EX 291387