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EX Trafo1

(Photo is symbol illustration, design variations possible)

Portable, explosion-proof transformers with stainless steel frame.
The frame protects the sockets and makes carrying the transformer comfortable.
Power supply via the 5m long cable with ex-protected plug 230V (ATX or CEAG choice)
The transformer is equipped with 2 or 4 outputs - also of the brand ATX or CEAG.


Description Art.-No.
ATEX transformer 400VA/230-24
400VA / 230V - 24V
4x ATX coupling, 2pol
Cable 5m with ATX plug
with stainless steel protective frame
suitable for Zone 1,2 and. 21,22
for Output Power ≤ 400VA:
Ex d e IIC T3 Gb
Ex T IIIC T195°C Db
Tamb. -20°C - +30°C
for Output Power ≤ 320VA:
Ex d e IIC T3 Gb
Ex T IIIC T195°C Db
Tamb. -20°C - +42°C
for Output Power ≤ 250VA:
Ex d e IIC T4 Gb
Ex T IIIC T130°C Db
Tamb. -20°C - +55°C

other models on request


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