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KE LED-EA 3010 UVA LED Rohrleuchte / Maschinenleuchte UV-A mit 365nm


Compact tube light with UV-A light | 230 volts - 24 volts

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The KE-LED-EA 3010 UV-A is a tube and machine light that was specially developed for applications in the field of UV-A lighting. With a compact 30mm tube diameter, it offers a space-saving solution for a variety of applications. Equipped with 10 UV-A LED modules with a wavelength of 365nm, it enables precise and efficient illumination for various areas of application. The wavelength of 365nm is optimal for use in UV-A processes such as drying and curing of inks, varnishes, coatings and UV-curing adhesives. The luminaire is available in 230V and 24V voltage variants, which enables its adaptability to different operating environments.

Application areas
The KE-LED-EA 3010 UV-A tube light is used in various industries, especially in the printing and coating industries. There, UV-A lights are used to quickly dry and cure inks, varnishes and coatings, which increases productivity and shortens production times. It is also used in manufacturing to cure UV-curing adhesives and coatings in industries such as automotive, electronics and aerospace. This technique enables rapid curing and is crucial for the efficiency and quality of the end products.

Advantages and benefits
Using the KE-LED-EA 3010 UV-A machine light offers numerous advantages for companies. Efficient drying and curing of materials can shorten production times, increase productivity and reduce costs. The precise illumination also enables uniform curing, which improves the quality of the end products and reduces waste. In addition, the compact design of the luminaire enables easy installation and integration into existing production.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability
TThe UV-A lamp is characterized by its high energy efficiency and longevity. By using LED technology, energy consumption is minimized and the lifespan of the luminaire is extended, resulting in lower operating costs and a lower environmental impact. In addition, the precise illumination enables efficient use of materials and thus reduces resource consumption.

The KE-LED-EA 3010 UV-A offers an efficient and precise solution for UV-A applications in various industries. With its compact design, high-quality LED technology and versatile application options, it helps companies optimize their production processes, increase productivity and improve the quality of their end products.

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  • Illuminant: 10x UV-A LEDs / 365nm
  • Protection tube: plexiglass, 30mm Ø
  • End caps: ABS, black
  • Protection category: IP54 (version with clamps)
  • Protection category: IP20 (version with suction cup)
  • Fixation: incl. 2 fixing clamps / optional suction cups
  • Protection class: II respectively III
  • On-off switch: optional
  • Cable: 5m H05RN-F 2x1,00mm²
  • Voltage: 230V (optional 24V)
  • Special models - longer cable, cable type, plug etc. on request.

Areas of application

LED tube lights and machine lights for machines and systems

Machines & Systems

Lighting solutions for mechanical and plant engineering.

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Air conditioning technology

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