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AccuLux SL7 / SL 8 LED rechargeable hand lamp

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The housing of the AccuLux SL 7 / SL 8 LED dust and spray water protected safety light consists of robust plastic. It is not necessary to replace the LED lamps. The luminaire can be used flexibly, for example, for flashing as a warning light due to the 110 ° swiveling lamp head and the supplied orange front lens. The model SL 8 LED is additionally equipped with a lens optic above the POWRE LED, which produces a focused light beam with high luminous range. An automatic switching function of the Power LED on the LED pilot lamp is also integrated. The charging station with optimized charging technology in minimal dimensions guarantees assembly possibilities for the smallest gaps in the motor vehicle sector or buildings. The AccuLux SL 7 / SL 8 LED can be charged at 230 V AC as well as 24 V and 12 V DC. NEW: The lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) has a very low self-discharge and is with approximately 2000 charge cycles 4 times longer lasting than conventional batteries! As a result, the light weighs only 730 g (previously: 1100 g)



  • Rechargeable LED hand lamp
  • Illuminant: POWER LED
  • Model SL 7: Wide, homogeneous illumination of the working spot
  • Model SL 8: with integrated focus lens for light beam with high beam range
  • Rotatable lamp head
  • Dust- and splash water proof, robust plastic housing
  • Protection category IP54
  • Emergency power function is activated in case of electrical power outage
  • Applicable as emergency lamp
  • NEW: Lithium-iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) has a very low self-discharge and is about 4 times longer lasting than conventional batteries with approx. 2000 charging cycles!
  • 4 stage charge level indicator


Areas of application

Battery hand lights for use in rescue services


Mobile battery lights and flashlight for rescue.

Battery handheld spotlight for use in sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning

Work and emergency lights, e.g. for the sewer cleaning area.

Battery hand lights for the offshore area


EX-protected battery and battery lights, also with emergency light function, can be used in harsh environmental conditions.