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KIRA work lights 360° - these work lights were specially developed to ensure outstanding illumination in all directions. Regardless of whether you work in a workshop or in a location with special requirements for occupational safety and explosion protection - our lights meet your needs. The innovative 360° lighting concept ensures that no corner remains in the dark. For particularly demanding environments, we also offer the KIRA work lights in an explosion-proof version. These models meet the highest safety standards and are ideal for workplaces where explosive atmospheres may occur. Rely on our proven technology to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

KE-LED-EX 5018 - Omnidirectional hand lamp, 1000 lumens, explosion-proof for EX zone 1,2,21,22. Waterproof IP68. Ideal for tank and silo cleaning.

KE-LED-EX 5018 - Omnidirectional EX light, 1000 lumens, for EX zone 1,2,21,22. Waterproof IP68. Ideal for tank and silo cleaning.

KE-LED 5045/M: Omnidirectional LED work light with 6200 lumens, IP54, 230V. Ideal for painters and plasterers.


Omnidirectional work lights are used in various areas of application where uniform lighting in all directions is required.

Here are some typical areas of application:

  • Construction sites: On construction sites, omnidirectional work lights are often used to illuminate areas such as construction pits, scaffolding or workstations in dark areas where uniform illumination is required.
  • Workshops and factories: Omnidirectional work lights are used in workshops, factories and production facilities to adequately illuminate work areas and ensure good visibility for work on machines, tools or assemblies.
  • Emergency and rescue operations: In emergency situations or rescue missions, omnidirectional work lights are used to adequately illuminate emergency locations or accident scenes and to make work easier for rescue workers.
  • Maritime Applications: Omnidirectional work lights are used on boats, ships or other watercraft to illuminate the surrounding area at night or in poor visibility and to improve crew safety.
  • Cleaning and service work: omnidirectional mobile work lights provide perfect work light for tank and silo cleaning work.
  • Painting and plastering work: here, even lighting of the rooms and walls can be guaranteed using omnidirectional lights.

In these and other areas of application, omnidirectional work lights offer an effective solution for evenly illuminating large areas and improving working conditions.