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KE LED 5018 UVA LED hand lamp / inspection lamp with  UV-A mit 365nm


Efficient UVA LED hand lamp | 230 volts - 24 volts

KE LED 3010 UVA Symbole Handleuchte

The KE-LED 5018 UV-A, with its 18 state-of-the-art UV-A LED modules, offers outstanding performance and flexibility. This UV-A light is designed to support precise inspection and quality control tasks in various industries such as manufacturing, inspection engineering and forensics.

Intense lighting
The KE-LED 5018 UV-A hand lamp has 18 UV-A LED modules that ensure uniform and intensive illumination with a wavelength of 365nm. This precise wavelength enables accurate detection of fluorescent materials, making them particularly ideal for demanding inspection tasks. In addition, the UV LED light is protected against dust and splash water according to protection class IP54, which underlines its reliability and longevity.

Areas of application
The possible uses of the KE-LED 5018 UV-A inspection light are diverse and cover various industries and areas of application. It is equally suitable for quality control and inspection in production as well as for forensic analysis. It is also used in leak detection, disinfection and material characterization. Thanks to its robust construction and precise illumination, it delivers reliable results even under demanding conditions.

Environmental compatibility and economic efficiency
By using modern LED technology, the KE-LED 5018 UV-A is characterized by low energy consumption and a long service life. This not only reduces operating costs, but also protects the environment. Compared to conventional lighting methods, it offers a sustainable and economical solution for various areas of application.

The KE-LED 5018 UV-A combines efficiency, precision and robustness in a compact housing. With its technical properties, its versatile applicability, its user-friendliness and ergonomic design as well as its environmental compatibility and cost-effectiveness, it is a reliable solution for precise inspection tasks in various industries.

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  • Illuminant: 18 UV-A LEDs / 365nm
  • Protection tube: plexiglass,  50mm diameter
  • Handle / end cap: PVC, black
  • Metal hook: yes, rotatable
  • Protection category: IP54
  • Protection class: II / III
  • Cable: 5 m H05RN-F 2 x 1,00 mm² 
  • Voltage: 230V (opt. 24V)
  • Special models - longer cable, cable type, plug etc. on request.