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KIRA LED workplace lights are available in different versions. The flexible, bendable light holder tube, which is available in three different lengths, allows the lighting in the workplace to be optimally adjusted. The lights are installed quickly and easily using a magnet, screw-on plate or screw terminal. The diffuser film integrated into the lamp head ensures even and glare-free illumination of the work area.

compact flexible arm light KE-LED 3003 P/A for the workplace, IP54, flexible light holder, with switch, 230V / 24V.Flex arm light KE-LED 3006 P/A for the workplace. IP54, flexible light holder, various mounting options.Workplace light KE-LED 4010 P/A with 10 power LEDs for max. 820 lumens, flexible light holder.KIRA E27 workplace lampKIRA Product comparison LED workplace lamps

Areas of application for LED workplace lights (gooseneck lights)

  • Office workstations: LED workstation lights with goosenecks are used on office tables and workstations to direct targeted light onto the work area and thus improve the readability of documents and concentration.
  • Crafts and workshops: In workshops and work areas where precise work needs to be carried out, LED workstation lights provide targeted lighting that improves the view of detailed work.
  • Laboratories: In laboratories where precise measurements and experiments are carried out, LED workstation lights with goosenecks are useful for directing light directly to the area needed.
  • Medical Examination Areas: In medical facilities, LED workstation lights are used to provide doctors and nurses with bright and focused lighting during examinations and treatments.
    Image editing and graphic design: In environments where accurate color representation is important, such as image editing and graphic design studios, these lights provide precise lighting

Advantages of LED gooseneck workstation lights

  • Flexibility: The gooseneck allows for flexible direction of the light, allowing it to be directed exactly where it is needed.
  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs are energy efficient and use less electricity than traditional lighting technologies.
  • Long lifespan: LED workplace lights have a long lifespan, reducing maintenance effort and costs.
  • Low heat: Compared to traditional light bulbs, LEDs produce less heat, which is particularly important when the light is positioned close to the work area.
  • Freedom from glare: By specifically directing the light, LED workplace lights can minimize glare and ensure a pleasant working environment.