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LED spotlights for use in industry and trade. Flexible and mobile as a battery-powered version for standard working environments and work assignments. In the version for EX zones, ULTRA LED ATEX spotlights offer maximum safety when illuminating sensitive areas. You can rely on the fact that this spotlight has been specially developed for use in potentially explosive environments and therefore meets the highest standards.

 ​ 823 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Übersetzung Explosion-proof LED spotlight Ultra 3 with carrying handle, for voltage 24V-48V and EX zones 1,2,21,22

UltraXL, mobile battery LED spotlight with EX protection, 12 hours of lighting time. For EX zones 1,2,21,22. Light and mobile.

Battery LED work spotlight with a tripod

Compact, lightweight and collapsible LED work spotlight with a magnet in the base, ideal for on the go.


Areas of application for LED spotlights

Mobile LED spotlights are used in a variety of applications thanks to their flexibility, energy efficiency and brightness.

Here are some of the most common areas of use:

  • Construction site lighting: Mobile LED spotlights are often used on construction sites to provide sufficient lighting for work during the night or in dark areas.
  • Emergency and rescue operations: Mobile LED spotlights are used by rescue services, fire departments and other emergency services to illuminate scenes during nighttime rescue operations or accidents.
  • Security lighting: Mobile LED spotlights are also used for temporary lighting in parking lots, warehouses, storage areas and other places with security needs.
  • Military applications: In military operations, mobile LED spotlights can be used to illuminate temporary storage areas or landing areas.
  • Traffic control and management: In situations where temporary traffic control measures are required, mobile LED spotlights can be used to mark or illuminate areas.
  • Emergency power lighting: During power outages or other emergencies, mobile LED spotlights can be used as temporary emergency power lighting to ensure safety and make orientation easier.
  • Service and inspection work: For service and inspection work, which is often carried out in various industries and environments, LED spotlights are extremely practical and effective. In explosion-proof areas, special ATEX-certified LED spotlights are used.

Overall, mobile LED spotlights offer a versatile solution for a variety of applications that require flexible, energy-efficient and powerful lighting.