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KE-LED 4010-P/A workplace lamp


LED workplace light / flex arm light | 230V - 110V - 42V - 24V

Mounting options

Befestigung Magnet

Permanent magnet

Easy and fast attachment with permanent magnet.

Befestigung Platte

Screwing plate

Safe and permanent attachment using screw-on plate.

Befestigung Klemme

Screw clamp

Flexible table or workbench attachment by screw clamp.

KE LED 4010 P A. Symbole ArbeitsplatzleuchteKIRA Leuchten GmbH - B2B Onlineshop

The LED workplace light KE-LED 4010-P/A optimizes the illumination of workstations on workbenches, machines or systems. Equipped with an impressive 10 POWER LEDs, this task light provides exceptionally bright and clear lighting. The diffuser film integrated into the protective tube ensures not only glare-free, but also extremely homogeneous light quality in the workplace.

Flexible light
The flexibility of the light holder tube makes it possible to align the work light individually and optimally. Available in different lengths, the hose adapts to a wide range of work environment requirements. Regardless of whether precise illumination or large-area lighting is required, the KE-LED 4010-P/A workplace lamp offers maximum adaptability.

Easy installation
The easy installation of this LED work lamp makes it particularly user-friendly. The LED light can be easily attached with a permanent magnet or a table screw clamp. Alternatively, a fixed mounting option with a screw-on plate is also available. This means that the KE-LED 4010-P/A can be used in a wide variety of workplaces and environments.

IP54 - protection against dust and splash water
The water-protected on-off switch in the base enables convenient operation directly on the LED workplace light and thus contributes to user-friendliness.
The protection class IP54 ensures a reliable seal against dust and splash water, which increases the longevity and safety of the LED lamp

Available in 4 voltage versions
Another advantage of this workplace light is that it is available in four voltage versions - 230V, 110V, 42V and 24V safety extra low voltage. This versatility allows the light to be used in different environments and under different conditions. The protective extra-low voltage option offers additional flexibility and safety in special areas of application.

The KE-LED 4010-P/A LED work lamp is a reliable and versatile solution for illuminating workplaces. Their premium performance, thoughtful design and adaptability make them the perfect choice for demanding work environments.

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  • Illuminant: 10 POWER LED / 5000K
  • Protection tube: PMMA, impact resistant, 40mm diameter
  • End cap: hard-PVC, gray
  • Flexible light holder tube, length 300mm (optional 400mm or 500mm)
  • On-off switch, protected against water
  • Fixation: optional magnet, mounting plate or screw clamp
  • Protection category: IP54
  • Protection class: II / III
  • Cable: 5m H05RN-F 2x1,00mm²
  • Voltage: 230V (optional 110V / 42V / 24V  - on request)

Areas of application

Workplace lights for machines and industrial plants

Machine workplace

Flexible lighting of machine workstations.

Workplace lights for laboratory workstations

Laboratory workplace

Optimal and flicker-free illumination of laboratory and chemical workplaces.

Workplace lights for tank systems

Tank cleaning

Temporary, mobile lighting for tank cleaning, also in low voltage protection available.