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Discover a wide range of LED hand and inspection lights that offer optimal light for a wide range of applications. Whether you are in a traditional environment or in areas where strict explosion safety guidelines apply, we have the right lighting solution for you. Our LED lights are characterized not only by their high efficiency and brightness, but also by their reliable performance in demanding environments. We also offer a wide range of models and designs so you can find the perfect light for your specific needs. With our focus on quality and safety, we guarantee that our LED hand and inspection lights meet the highest standards. Trust our products to ensure reliable and effective lighting in a wide range of application scenarios.

LED hand lamps


Handy LED hand lamp KE-LED 3003 with 250 lumens, IP54, in 230V / 110V / 24V.

KE-LED 3006 - Standard LED hand lamp with 530 lumens, IP54, in 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V.

Inspection LED hand lamp KE-LED 4010 with 820 lumens and IP54 protection. Operation at 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V voltage.

Industrial LED hand lamp KE-LED 4010, IP65, max. 820 lumens, 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V.

KE-LED 5030 XL LED hand lamp with high brightness, IP65, max. 2800 lumens, for 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V 

LED hand lamps - IP68 - waterproof


LED hand light KE-LED 3010, waterproof (IP68), 580 lumens, 24V, ideal for tank and barrel cleaning.

Powerful LED hand light KE-LED 5024, waterproof (IP68), 1650 lumens, 24V, perfect for tank and barrel cleaning. 

ATEX hand lamps- with EX-protection


Explosion-proof hand lamp KE-LED-EX 4003, max. 255 lumens, for EX zones 1,2,21,22, waterproof IP68.

Hand lamp KE-LED-EX 4006, explosion-proof, max. 520 lumens, for EX zone 1,2,21,22, waterproof IP68KE-LED-EX 5018 - Omnidirectional hand lamp, 1000 lumens, explosion-proof for EX zone 1,2,21,22. Waterproof IP68. Ideal for tank and silo cleaning.

KE-LED-EX 5024 - Bright explosion-proof hand lamp, max. 1650 lumens, for EX zone 1,2,21,22, waterproof IP68. 

LED hand lamps - UV-A


UVA LED hand lamp KE-LED 3010 with 10x UV-A LED module, wavelength 365 nm

UVA LED hand lamp KE-LED 5018 with 18x UV-A LED module, wavelength 365 nm


Advantages and areas of application of wired hand lights


  • Stable power supply: Wired hand lights are connected directly to a power source, ensuring continuous and stable power supply. This makes them ideal for situations where constant lighting is required.
  • Longer operating time: Compared to battery-operated hand lights, wired models do not have a limited runtime. As long as the power supply is available, they can be used uninterrupted.
  • Higher performance: Corded hand lights can typically be more powerful than battery-powered models because they don't rely on the limited capacity of batteries.
  • Lighter weight: Because they don't come with batteries, corded handheld lights can often be lighter, making them more comfortable to handle and use.
  • Less environmental impact: Batteries can be more environmentally friendly when recycled, but wired lights avoid the need for batteries altogether, which can reduce the environmental footprint.

Areas of application:

  • Work lighting: Wired hand lights are often used in workshops, factories and construction sites to ensure optimal lighting during extended periods of operation.
  • Emergency and rescue services: In areas such as the fire department or other emergency services where reliable and powerful lighting is critical, hand-held corded lights are often preferred.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: When carrying out inspection and maintenance work in various industries, including the aviation and automotive industries, wired hand lights are beneficial due to their constant power and brightness.
  • Research and laboratory work: In laboratories and scientific institutions, wired hand lamps are used for precise lighting during experiments and work with sensitive materials.
  • Outdoor Activities: In certain outdoor scenarios, such as campsites or remote workplaces, wired hand lights can be useful when a reliable power source is available.

It is important to note that the choice between wired and battery-operated hand lights depends on the specific requirements and conditions of the application area.