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KE LED 5030 P LED hand lamp


POWER LED hand lamp in XXL format | 230V - 110V - 42V - 24V

KE LED 5030 Industrie Symbole HandleuchteKIRA Leuchten GmbH - B2B Onlineshop

XXL LED hand lamp KE-LED 5030-P, which sets new standards with impressive light output. With 30 POWER LED modules, this hand lamp offers maximum brightness for comprehensive illumination of your work area.

Maximum length and minimum weight
Despite its impressive length of almost 950 mm, the KE-LED 5030-P work light impresses with its low weight, which makes it ideal for use as a bright service and inspection light. This combination of size and weight makes it a versatile tool suitable for a variety of applications.

Glare-free work light
The integrated diffuser film in the polycarbonate protective tube of the light ensures glare-free work light that creates clear visibility in every situation. This innovative technology ensures that you have optimal conditions even for detailed work.

IP65 - dust and jet-proof
The KE-LED 5030-P is protected according to IP65, which makes it dust and water jet resistant. This protection class makes them perfect for maintenance and service work in industrial areas where reliability and performance are crucial. The lamp is equipped with a supply cable of specification H07RN-F, which ensures optimal power supply.

4 voltage variants for maximum flexibility
For maximum adaptability, the KE-LED 5030-P is available in four different voltage versions (230V / 110V / 42V / 24V safety extra low voltage). This versatility allows you to flexibly adapt the hand lamp to the power supply of your work environment.

Invest in the KE-LED 5030-P and experience not just a hand lamp, but a powerful tool that meets the highest demands. Tackle your tasks with maximum brightness, flexibility and reliability. Trust the KE-LED 5030-P to illuminate your work environment with clear, bright light and increase the efficiency of your workflows.

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  • Illuminant: 30 POWER LED / 6500K
  • Protection tube: polycarbonate, shock-resistant, 50mm diameter
  • Handle / end cap: PVC, black
  • Metal hook: yes, rotatable
  • Protection category: IP65
  • Protection class: II respectively III
  • Cable: 5m H07RN-F 2x1,00mm²
  • Voltage: 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V
  • Special models - longer cable, cable type, plug etc. on request.

Areas of application

LED hand lights / hand lamps for the car workshop

Car repair service

Ideal service and inspection lights in workshops..

LED hand lights / hand lamps for shipyards

Heavy industry

Robust and reliable work lights even in harsh environmental conditions.

LED hand lights for tank and silo cleaning

Tank cleaning

Can be used as a service and inspection light with safety extra-low voltage in tank cleaning, e.g. in wine and sparkling wine cellars.




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