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EX LED emergency exit light - Escape route light - ex-proofEX emergency exit light pictograms

EX FW Fluchtwegleuchte Symbole

EX FW - LED emergency exit light - ex-proof

The explosion-proof escape route light is equipped with modern LED technology and ensures extremely energy-saving, maintenance-free and reliable lighting. The escape route emergency lights are designed for use in Ex Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, meaning they can be operated safely in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres. These zones include areas where gases, vapors or dust may be present that could form an explosive mixture. With the explosion-proof escape route luminaire, you can not only meet the safety standards of your systems, but also have the certainty that your lighting solution will work reliably even in the most demanding environments.

available with or without batteries
The included batteries are monitored and gently charged by intelligent charging electronics to ensure long-lasting performance. Optionally, we also offer a version without a battery, which is operated via a central emergency supply, for even more flexible installation.

Simple and quick assembly
The explosion-proof emergency lights are ideal for escape doors, emergency exits and escape routes, as well as for all areas where reliable lighting is required even after a power failure. Thanks to the ready-to-connect cable bushing, they are quick and easy to install, and with the option of connecting up to two cable glands or cable bushings, you can easily connect several escape route lights / EX emergency lights in parallel. As standard, the emergency lights are supplied with a cable bushing of 10 meters in length and an M20 blind plug. In addition, two mounting brackets made of high-quality stainless steel are already pre-assembled to make it easier to attach the EX escape route lights.

Pictograms freely selectable
Pictograms in accordance with EN-ISO 7010 are available for the escape route light to fully meet your safety standards. Experience the future of emergency lighting with our reliable and high-quality products.

ATEX Identification

II 2 G  Ex db IIB T6/T5 Gb Approvals:
II 2 D  Ex tb IIIB T85°C/T100°C ATEX, TC-RU, Zones 1 / 2 / 21 / 22




  • explosion-proof LED emergency exit light/escape route light

  • robust housing made of die-cast aluminum with borosilicate glass tube

  • various pictograms according to EN-ISO 7010 available

  • available in 230V voltage (optional with battery)

  • IP protection class IP66

  • up to two cable glands or cable bushings possible

  • battery version: enables operation during power outages (lighting time with battery operation: >1h)

  • version without battery: when the light is connected via a central emergency supply.

  • areas of application: Marking of escape doors, emergency exits, escape routes, rescue routes