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E 27 workplace lamp


E27 workplace light / flex arm light | 230 volts - 42 volts - 24 volts

Mounting options

Befestigung Magnet

Permanent magnet

Easy and fast attachment with permanent magnet.

Befestigung Platte

Screwing plate

Safe and permanent attachment using screw-on plate.

Befestigung Klemme

Screw clamp

Flexible table or workbench attachment by screw clamp.

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It is suitable for illuminating workstations on workbenches, machines or systems. Thanks to the flexible light holder tube, which is available in different lengths, the working light can be optimally aligned. The optional LED illuminant is protected in the anodized aluminum reflector by an additional grid. For easy and flexible installation, the luminaire is available with a permanent magnet or a table screw clamp and for fixed mounting with a mounting plate.



  • Illuminant: E27 LED- or energy saving lamp (can be ordered additionally)
  • Reflektor: aluminium, anodized, with protective grid
  • Flexible light holder tube, length 300mm (optional 400mm or 500mm)
  • On-off switch
  • Fixation: optional magnet, mounting plate or screw clamp
  • Protection category: IP20
  • Protection class: II   
  • Cable: 5m H05RN-F 2x1,00mm²
  • Voltage: 230V (optional 42V / 24V - on request)

Areas of application

Workplace lights for machines and industrial plants

Machine workplace

Flexible lighting of machine workstations.

Workplace lights for laboratory workstations

Laboratory workplace

Optimal and flicker-free illumination of laboratory and chemical workplaces.

Workplace lights for tank systems

Tank cleaning

Temporary, mobile lighting for tank cleaning, also in low voltage protection available.