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Ultra Safe 2 ATEX LED ex-proof floodlight

Safeboy Symbole LED Strahler

ULTRA 2 LED - explosion-proof battery-powered work spotlight

Experience perfection in lighting with the explosion-proof, rechargeable LED spotlight ULTRA 2 - a unique mix of high light output and impressive lighting duration. This spotlight is designed to provide outstanding lighting in demanding and harsh environments where portable light is essential. Thanks to its low weight and extraordinary robustness, the ULTRA 2 presents itself as the ideal solution for professional applications.

Can be used flexibly
The flexibility of the LED ATEX spotlight Ultra 2 is reflected in its ability to be set up horizontally or vertically, which allows it to be adapted to different requirements and application scenarios. Additional accessories, such as a telescopic tripod or a magnetic mount, expand the possible uses even further and make the Ultra 2 an extremely versatile lighting instrument.

High light output and long operating time
With an impressive light output of 3200 lumens and an incredible operating time of 8 hours at full power, the EX LED floodlight Ultra 2 is a reliable rechargeable work light. The battery has a generous capacity and is maintenance-free, ensuring long-term use without interruptions.

Lightweight and powerful
What is particularly notable is the Ultra 2's minimal weight, which is only approx. 5.6 kg despite the powerful battery. This lightness even allows the Ultra 2 to be used as a floating ATEX floodlight in water - a unique feature that highlights its versatility and possible uses.

Overall, the LED work light Ultra 2 presents itself as an outstanding lighting instrument that meets the highest requirements in challenging environments. With its exceptional performance, impressive uptime, lightweight design and the ability to be positioned horizontally or vertically, the Ultra2 is the ideal choice for professional applications requiring mobile and explosion-proof lighting.

alternatively available: wired version ULTRA 3 24V - 48V

ATEX Identification

II 2 G  Ex ib IIC T4 Gb | Tool group: II | Hazardous zone: 1 und 2, 21 und 22
II 2 D  Ex ib IIIC T135° C Db | Category: 2G und 2D | Temperature class: T4



  • robust LED spotlight with 81 LEDs, 5000K
  • plastic housing, impact resistant, antistatic
  • width, uniform illumination
  • high light output 3200 Lm
  • operating time 8h (Art-No. 290794) / 4h (Art-No. 290795)
  • switch integrated, two positions: On (full power) / Out
  • front cover: reinforced glas with protective film
  • positionable horizontally or vertically
  • protection category IP65
  • LiPo battery 51,2 Ah (8h) / 25,6 Ah (4h)
  • charging time: 9h
  • weight only 5,5kg (8h) / 4,7kg (4h)
  • supplied with 100-240V charger
    (w/o ex-protection, to be used outside ATEX zone)


Areas of application

LED spotlights for construction sites

Building Industry

LED spotlights as temporary lighting on construction sites, also available with emergency function.

LED spotlights for industry


LED spotlight in EX version for mobile, temporary lighting in areas where EX protection is required.

LED spotlights for shipbuilding and shipyards


LED spotlight can be used for large area illumination, e.g. in shipyards.