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AccuLux Four LED EX torch

Four LED EX Symbole Akkuleuchte

The compact and shock-resistant rechargeable flashlight Four LED EX offers up to 12 hours of LED light of the top class. Four lens-focused white LEDs produce a very bright uniform light cone as a result of state-of-the-art institute-computed lens optics. The lifetime of the LED lamps is almost unlimited, so no need to replace the lamps. The robust and impact-resistant plastic housing is designed for the toughest use. The Four LED EX can be recharged up to 1000 times at the mains and guarantees flexibility and mobility with the integrated mains charger plug.

ATEX Identification

II 2 G  Ex ib II C T4
II 2 D  Ex ibD 21 T 135°C



  • Unique in socket-outlet rechargeable torch
  • Ultra bright and uniform illumination
  • Extreme shock-resistant, light and compact
  • Up to 1000 times rechargeable NiMH-rechargeable battery
  • High life time of the 4 LED-illuminant
  • Long illuminating duration (ca. 12h)
  • Protection category IP65
  • During recharging process the pull-off cap adhears on the lamp magnetically

Areas of application

Einsatz Akku Rettung


Mobile battery lights and flashlight for rescue.

Einsatz Akku Kanalreinigung

Sewer cleaning

Work and emergency lights, e.g. for the sewer cleaning area.

Einsatz Akku Offshore


EX-protected battery and battery lights, also with emergency light function, can be used in harsh environmental conditions.