AccuLux Four LED EX

Explosion proof rechargeable torch Four LED EXDatasheet ATEX rechargeable LED torch AccuLux Four LED EX

ex-proof rechargeable torch AccuLux Four LED EX

 ATEX Taschenlampe - Eigenschaften

Product Description

The product AccuLux Four LED EX provides up to 12h high performance LED light. Four lens-focussed white LED produce a bright and uniform light beam, owing to up-to date lens optic calculations made by relevant institute. The life-time of the LED illuminant is virtually unlimited, thus no exchange of lamp necessary any more. The robust and impact-resistant plastic housing is engineered for hard-working service. The Four LED EX is up to 1000 times rechargeable and ensures - thanks to intergrated plug – flexibility and mobility. The environmental-friendly NiMH-rechargeable battery is due to intelligent circuit logic exhaustive-discharge protected and permanent rechargeable. TÜV-approved quality „Made in Germany“!

  • Unique in socket-outlet rechargeable torch
  • Ultra bright and uniform illumination
  • Extreme shock-resistant, light and compact
  • Up to 1000 times rechargeable NiMH-rechargeable battery
  • High life time of the 4 LED-illuminant
  • Long illuminating duration (ca. 12 h)
  • Protection category IP65
  • During recharging process the pull-off cap adhears on the lamp magnetically
  • Attachable on protective helmet (fixture equipment refer to auxiliary)
  • Areas of application:
    Fire department, Ambulance service, Sewage treatment plants, sewer inspection, electricity providers, mills, biogas plants, gas stations, tank automotive, aerospace industry, aircraft maintenance & inspection, oil rigs, offshore, shipyards, THW, EX-zones, explosive dust and gas atmospheres, gas interference, crafts, food industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry Security Services, Emergency lighting

Technical Data

AccuLux Four LED EX
Art.-No. 290640
Housing Plastic, shock-resistant
Illuminant 4x Nichia LED 5 mm
Illuminating duration ca. 12h
Light intesity 4x 30000 mcd
Headlight range ca. 50 metres
Rechargeable battery NiMH 4,8V/550 mAh
Charging time ca. 12h
Charging voltage 120V/230V AC 50/60 Hz
Protection category IP65
Weight ca. 150 g
Dimensions in mm 135 x 48 x 48
Ex-Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22
Ex-Identification II 2 G Ex ib II C T4/II 2D Ex ibD 21 T 135°C
ATEX-No. TÜV-A 09 ATEX 0003
Ambient temperature range -20° ... +40°C

Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional drawing rechargeable torch AccuLux Four LED EX


  Dimensions in mm
 Type a b c
AccuLux Four LED EX
48 48 135


Art.-No. Designation
290640 Acculux Four LED EX
290641 Hook-and-loop helmet fastener

ATEX Identification

II 2 G
II 2 D
Ex ib IIC T4
Ex ibD 21 T 135°C
  ATEX-No. TÜV-A 09ATEX0003


Helmet Mount

Practical helmet mount for fire brigade, THW or construction helmets, etc. With this holder you will always have light and both hands free. (only on smooth surfaces glued)

Helmet mount Acculux Four LED EX

Art.-No. Designation
290641 Hook-and-loop helmet fastener

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