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Explosion proof KIRA LED fixture KE-LED-EX 4006-PDatasheet ex-proof LED fixture KE-LED-EX 4006-P


ex-proof LED fixture KE-LED-EX 4006-P

ATEX Einbauleuchte - Eigenschaften

Product Description

Explosion-proof LED built-in and surface mounted lamp with high light output.
Ideal for the integration in machines, vehicles and all kind of electric devices.

  • Illuminant: 6 POWER LED / 6500K
  • Protection tube: polycarbonate, shock-resistant, 40mm Ø
  • End cap: aluminium, black anodized
  • Fixation: incl. 2 fixing clamps made of plastic
  • Protection category: IP68 -50m/5h
  • Protection class: II / III
  • Cable: 10m H07BQ-F 2x1,50 mm²
  • Voltage: 230V / 110V / 42V / 24V / 12V
  • Special requests  - as covered by our Ex-certificaton -  can be fulfilled.
  • KIRA explosion proof LED fixtures for safe use in the areas: Sewage treatment plants, sewer inspection, electricity providers, mills, biogas plants, gas stations, tank automotive, aerospace industry, aircraft maintenance & inspection, oil rigs, offshore, shipyards, THW, EX-zones, explosive dust and gas atmospheres, gas interference, crafts, food industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry

Technical Data

Technical Data KE-LED-EX 4006 fixture
Illuminant: 6x Power LEDs
Lumen: ca. 600 Lm
Voltages/Ampere: 230V/0,065 | 110V/0,065 | 42V/0,160 | 24V/0,280 | 12V/0,330
Protection tube: Polycarbonate, 40mm Ø
Ends parts: Aluminium, black anodized
Fixing clamps: 2 pieces included
Cable: 10m H07BQ-F 2 x 1,50 mm²
Plug: without
Protection category: IP68 -50m/5h
Identification: CE
Length / Weight: 495 mm / 1,660 kg
Ambient temperature range.: -20°C - +50°C

Dimensional Drawing


Skizze explosionsgeschützte LED Armatur KE-LED-EX 4006-P von KIRA


  Dimension in mm Weight in kg
Type a b c d e f g w/o cable with cable
KE-LED-EX 4006-P fixture/... 495 43  40 255 35 170 25 0,660 kg 1,660 kg


Fixing clamp BFK D40 EX

KIRA Zubehör EX Befestigungsklammer BFK D40 EX

Type BFK D40 EX - Dimensions in mm

D b h H k s d1 d2
40,0 40,4 25,0 43,0 68,0 58,0 8,0 7,0 14,5 1,0

²Tube diameter   ³ Number of fixing holes



Type Voltage Amp. Plug Weight Art.-No.
KE-LED-EX 4006-P/230 fixture  230V AC 0,065 w/o 1,660 kg 145013
KE-LED-EX 4006-P/110 fixture  110V AC/DC 0,065 w/o 1,660 kg 145038
KE-LED-EX 4006-P/42 fixture 42V AC/DC 0,160 w/o 1,660 kg 145063
KE-LED-EX 4006-P/24 fixture 24V AC/DC 0,280 w/o 1,660 kg 145088
KE-LED-EX 4006-P/12 fixture 12V AC/DC 0,330 w/o 1,660 kg 146140

Customized solution available as long as they comply with EX-certificate

ATEX Identification

II 2 G
II 2 D
Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T105° Db IP68
  Tool group: II
Category: 2G und 2D
  Hazardous zone: 1 und 2, 21 und 22
Temperature class T4
Prüfzertifikat ISSeP12ATEX017



Article Description Art.-Nr.
SFO-EX 4008 Antistatic protection foil 291249
Fixing clamps 290432
KM 40-EX-KL Fixing clamp with magnet 291275


also available as hand lamp / leadlamp : KE-LED-EX 4006-P


Product features ex-proof KIRA LED fixture KE-LED-EX 4006-P

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