AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED Set

Explosion proof rechargeable battery hand lamp AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED SetDatasheet ATEX accu LED hand lamp AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED

ex-proof accu hand lamp AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED

ATEX Handscheinwerfer - Eigenschaften

Product Description

Explosion-proof LED working- and emergency power lamp mit high-power rechargeable battery.
In a set with charging station, front cover lense “clear”  and “orange”, power cable 230V and cable mit car power plug 12/24V.

  • Rechargeable, explosion-proof LED hand lamp
  • Illuminant: main lamp POWER LED, pilot lamp LED 5mm
  • wide, homogeneous illumination of the working area
  • Rotatable lamp head
  • Dust- and splash water proof, robust plastic housing, protection category IP64
  • Emergency power function is activated in case of electrical power outage
  • Applicable as emergency lamp
  • High-quality, low-maintenance lead-gel accu
  • 4 stage charge level indicator
  • Areas of application:
    Fire department, Ambulance service, Sewage treatment plants, sewer inspection, electricity providers, mills, biogas plants, gas stations, tank automotive, aerospace industry, aircraft maintenance & inspection, oil rigs, offshore, shipyards, THW, EX-zones, explosive dust and gas atmospheres, gas interference, crafts, food industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry Security Services, Emergency lighting

    The charger is not EX-proof and must not be positioned or operated in an EX-area.

Technical Data

AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED
Art.-No. 290647 (only lamp)
Housing Plastic, impact-resistant, black
Illuminant main lamp POWER LED
Illuminating duration main lamp ca. 5h
Headlight range ca. 150 metres
Illuminant pilot lamp LED 5mm
Illuminating duration pilot lamp ca. 85h
Rechargeable battery lead-gel accu lead-gel accu 4V / 3,5 Ah, maintance-free
Movable range lamp head back 90° / ahead 20°
Protection category IP64
Weight 1,10 kg
Dimensions in mm 104 x 245 x 72 mm
EX-Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22
Ambiente temperature range -20°C - +40°C
Ex-Identification II 2 G Ex ib II C T4 Gb / II 2D Ex ib IIIC T 135°C Db
ATEX-No. TÜV-A 07 ATEX 0001X


AccuLux EX LE charger
Art.-No. 290615 (only charger)
Housing Polycarbonate (ABS), black
suitable for accumulator lead-gel accu 4V / 3,5 Ah, maintance-free
Nominal voltage charge 230V AC, 24V and 12V DC
Charging time ca. 15h
Trickle charge Permitted by internal charging management
Deep discharge protection
for car battery charging
11,8V bei 12V rated voltage
23,6V bei 24V rated voltage
Current draw U/I 230V / 30 mA, 12V / 290 mA, 24V / 145 mA
Protection class II (Protective insulation)
Protection category IP20
Weight 400 g
Dimensions in mm 104 x 125 x 63 mm
Test certificate TÜV proofed CE 0408

Dimensional Drawing


Skizze AccuLux EX SLE 15


  Dimensions in mm
 Type Width Height Depth
AccuLux SLE 15 LED (lamp)
104 245 72
AccuLux EX LE (charger) 104 125 63
Lamp with charger
104 245 120


AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED Set
Art.-No. 290645 (Set consisting of hand lamp and charger)


Scope of delivery

  • Hand Lamp EX SLE 15 LED with charger EX LE
  • 1 Front cover lense, color "orange"
  • 1 Front cover lense, clear
  • 1 Power cable 230V with euro-plug
  • 1 Power cable 12V/24V with mounted car plug
  • Users manual
  • Art.-No. 290645 (AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED Set)

ATEX Identification

II 2 G
II 2 D
Ex ib II C T4 Gb
Ex ib IIIC T 135°C Db
  ATEX-No. TÜV-A 07 ATEX 0001X


alternatively also available in the version with focus lens: AccuLux EX SLE 16 LED

Comparison: AccuLux EX SLE 15 LED vs. AccuLux EX SLE 16 LED

EX SLE 15 LED: wide, uniform illumination of the work area,
headlight range ca. 150 meters

EX SLE 16 LED: focused beam of light, headlight range ca. 170 meters





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