Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen | General terms and conditions


Unsere allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen haben wir hier für Sie als PDF-Download bereitgestellt 

Our general terms and conditions, we have provided here for you as a PDF download


Wir übernehmen für die von uns hergestellten Produkte die gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Gewährleistungsfrist ab Kaufdatum. Innerhalb dieser Gewährleistungsfrist beseitigen wir nach unserer Wahl durch Reparatur oder Austausch des Artikels oder des Zubehörs unentgeltlich alle Mängel, die auf Material - oder Herstellungsfehlern beruhen. Es besteht kein Rechtsanspruch auf den Vorabaustausch von defekten Artikel.

Schäden an Zubehörteilen führen nicht automatisch zum Umtausch des kompletten Artikels.

Von der Gewährleistung sind Schäden ausgenommen, die auf unsachgemäßen Gebrauch (Betrieb mit falscher Stromart/-spannung, Anschluss an ungeeignete Stromquellen, Bruch etc.) zurückzuführen sind, normaler Verschleiß und Mängel, die den Wert oder die Gebrauchstauglichkeit des Gerätes nur unerheblich beeinflussen.

Von KIRA Leuchten GmbH durchgeführte Leistungen (innerhalb der Gewährleistung) bewirken weder eine Verlängerung der Gewährleistungszeit, noch beginnt dadurch ein Anspruch auf eine neue Gewährleistung.

Verschleißteile fallen nicht unter die Gewährleistung und sind deshalb kostenpflichtig.

Bei eigenmächtig oder durch Dritte vorgenommenen Eingriffen/Reparaturen und/oder der Verwendung von nicht Original-Ersatzteilen erlischt die Gewährleistung und Produkthaftung.


Informationen zu Retouren (Gewährleistungs- oder Reparaturrücksendungen)

We grant the legally prescribed warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase for the products manufactured by us. Within this period we will, at our discretion, either repair all product defects due to manufacturing or materials or  replace the product or accessory at no cost. There is no legal entitlement to the advance replacement of defective products.

Damages to accessories do not automatically cause a replacement of the complete product.

Damages due to inappropriate use (operation on wrong voltage or type of current, connecting to unsuitable power supplies, breakage, etc.) are exempt from warranty, as are normal wear and minor defects that only negligibly influence the product serviceability.

Warranty work done by KIRA Leuchten GmbH does not extend the warranty period nor does it constitute a claim for a new warranty.

Consumable parts are not included in the warranty and are therefore at the customers expense.

In case of unauthorized or made by a third party interventions / repairs and / or the use of non-original spare parts warranty and product liability expires.


Information on returns (warranty or repair returns)





KIRA RMA Service

To ensure you a speedy handling of returns, respectively repairs, please not the following points:

Notes for returns/repair transmittals:

  • Carry out return/repair transmittals  only with a filled out return covering letter.
  • For the allocation of a RMA no. please contact us by phone or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Forwarding costs must be covered by the consignor. We unfortunately cannot accept return deliveries with unpaid postage.
  • Post articles for reparation without accessories. (e.g. operating  instructions,  fixing- and mounting appliances)
  • The good has to be packed securely against transport risks.
  • Unauthorized sent goods will be returned with a handling lump sum of 15 Euros for each article plus current forwarding costs
  • Return of articles (e.g. of wrong orders) will be charged with a return to storage fee in the amount of 15 % of the articles
    value (respectively minimum 15 Euros).
  • Custom-made products as well as ex-proof articles are generally excluded from returns.
  • There is no legal entitlement to the advance replacement of defective products.


Enclose the filled out and signed return form:


        Download RMA form    




KIRA Leuchten GmbH - Quality made in Germany

Our company was founded in 1949. In the international industry, we are renowned as a reliable player owing to proven products and sustainable record.
Backed with vast experience, we are capable to provide our clients with customized solutions and cutting edge quality

Made in Germany – KIRA products witness it!

The realization of individual customer needs within our product portfolio is our motivation. We are specialized in the niche of technical lamps for safety-low-voltage and explosion-proof applications.

Furthermore, our product range is covering various fluorescent hand lamps, built-in and surface-mounted lamps, LED lamps, lamps with magnetic adhesion and many customized lamps made to customer´s specification.

Since November 2002 we are DIN EN ISO 9001 and explosion-proof standard RL 94/9 EG certified


Self-ballasted lamps made by KIRA

In 2011 we have acquired our long-time supplier, company “Peter Geist Elektronik” located in Constance. Hence we have integrated development and production of ballasts in our value chain. The stringent target has always been the development of electronic devices for various illumination applications. Meanwhile, we pride
ourselves with decades of experience which fosters the quality of our lamps. Customized self-ballasted lamps can easily be realized upon request.

We cover the entire product range...
….starting with component sourcing, followed by insertion and soldering and finally quality assurance. Upon request, we perform the assembly, partly or complete. Complementary to development, production and marketing of our standard product portfolio, we are manufacturing customized products according to your specification.

We are committed to relentless development, high quality standard and uncompromised customer orientation, the key for success!

KIRA Leuchten GmbH - ideas with light since 1949!



Unser Dankeschön an Sie für einen
“leuchtenden” Start in das neue Jahr 2015...

Zu jeder Bestellung* im Januar 2015 möchten wir Ihnen die Gelegenheit bieten je ein Exemplar unserer POWER LED Handleuchte KE-LED 3003-P zum Aktionspreis von 5,-- Euro (UVP: 37,50) mit zu bestellen.

Geben Sie einfach bei Ihrer Bestellung den Aktionscode "LED3003P15" an.


KIRA POWER LED 3003-P - Art.-Nr. 131330

  • 3 POWER LEDs

  • Schlagfestes Schutzrohr

  • Schutzart IP54

  • 5 Meter Zuleitung

  • Spannung 230V

  • In schwarz und blau erhältlich

 Aktionspreis: 5,-- € (UVP: 37,50)

- Gültig für gewerbliche Kunden (B2B), kein Privatkundenverkauf
- Gültig für Bestellungen im Zeitraum 01.01.-31.01.15
- Mindestbestellwert je Bestellung 50,-- Euro
- Max. 1 Leuchte pro Bestellung
- Alle o.g. Preise zzgl. gesetzl. Mwst
- Aktionspreis nicht rabattierfähig
- gültig gem. unseren AGBs


Aktionsflyer hier als PDF Downloaden



Request one provided good for testing and check the quality!

(currently only possible for Germany)

We would like to offer our industrial and commercial customers the opportunity for checking selected lamps on location under real conditions. For this we offer test lamps for a specific selection of our lamps.

Feel free to make contact with us to request one provided good for testing.

Please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with following information:

  • Name of the company
  • Adress
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • required item as provided good for testing


One of our assistant will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

General conditions
The provided goods for testing are provided for test purposes over a period of 14 days, against a lump sum for handling of 15 Euros plus forwarding costs. In case of need this period can be extended after consultation with us. The customer can send back the provided good for testing item to us at the end of the test period. The lump sum for handling will be charged against, respectively refunded if you buy one of the offered items (valid within 4 weeks after the quotation date).

Withdrawal of the provided goods for testing is resulted by faultless operating ability (as the purchase condition), without any optical change respectively damage. The return consignment of the provided goods for testing has to be effected in original packaging. In the absence or damaging of the original packaging or damage of the test item or in the absence of the accessory respectively supplied components we reserve the right to charge the price of the item.


Our adress:

KIRA Leuchten GmbH
Wiedenstr. 6
D - 78244 Gottmadingen

You can reach us:

Mo. - Fr.  08:00h - 12:30h / 13:30h - 17:00h
Freitag    08:00h - 12:15h

Phone: +49 (0) 7734 936 93 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 7734 936 93 - 29

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Individual Lightsolutions

for industry, trade and craft.

Since 1949...

know-how, experience and reliability!

  • LED & Fluorescent hand lamps

  • Lamps for safety low voltage

  • Explosion-proof Lamps

  • Magnetic adhesion lamps

  • Built-In & surface mounted lamps

  • Machine lamps

  • Rechargeable battery hand lamps